Lancashire firewood logs
Kiln Dried hardwood logs
  • Supertherm Smokeless Fuel

    Super therm – Value for money smokeless fuel Sold in 25kg bag £12.50 per bag

  • Samba Fire LightersKiln Dried Hardwood Logs
    £5.00 per Bag
  • Burnwell BlendBurnwell Blend Briquettes For use on open fires or closed appliances Sold in 25kg bag £9.50 per bag
  • Quality Fuels – Quality House coal Sold in 25kg bag £8.00 per bag

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Lancashire Firewood Logs.

Seasoned hardwood & softwood logs.

Ribble Valley Log Supplies Ltd; is a joint venture between two old school friends, Tyrone Morgan and Roy Cattermole who met up again after 15 years.

Roy is a well established tree surgeon in the Ribble Valley area with over 35 years experience in the tree surgery and saw mill industry. Tyrone is also a tree surgeon with over 25 years experience in both the Ribble Valley and Manchester areas.


Both realised that they never had enough time to go into the log business in a big way until they met again and decided to set up Ribble Valley Log Supplies Ltd; as a joint venture.


The company was founded in October 2008, setting out from a scratch of land in a local farmer’s field to now having a wooden latted building and timber yard to store all the split logs in, along with kindling and net bags. We have parking for at least 20 cars or wagons.


The company thrives on the fact that it buys locally sourced hardwood from nearby private estates together with the trees that they chop down over the year.