Lancashire Seasoned Firewood.

Products & Prices

All our logs are air dried and seasoned.

We supply hardwood unless requested. Otherwise, we are able to supply Sycamore, Beech, Ash, Oak, Elm, Birch and Cherry.

If required we also have stocks of softwood which is kept separately (Larch, Pine, Cedar etc).

Most of our existing customers have their logs delivered in either bulk bags or netted bags.

We supply to both the domestic and the commercial markets e.g. country hotels, pubs, coal merchants, garden centres and the public.

All our wood is split and processed at our timber yard.

We can also supply dry sawdust for animal bedding.


Fencing Now In Stock


Current prices are:-

Kiln dried hardwood logs £5.00 carry bag, £40.00 barrow bag, £105.00 bulk bag, £150.00 m3 crate(inc vat)
Softwood logs £57.50 (inc vat)
Hardwood logs £73.50 (inc vat)
Mixed logs £63.00 (inc vat)
Premium ash logs £84.00 (inc vat)
Kindling - net bags £3.50 (inc vat)
Bark chippings £40.00 (inc vat)
Rock salt 25kg £6.50 (inc vat)


Free Local Delivery

All prices are exclusive of VAT which is only 5% as the VAT is on Fuel.

We accept payment by cash or cheque (with accompanying banker’s card) and payment is required on delivery or pick up.